Including the little one in my walking if not my running, has been great fun and very good for both of us.

Last week to mix it up a bit we took a short trip to North Elmham with a view to wandering aimlessly around some ruins. We ended up enjoying so much more.

North Elmham Chapel. Stone and flint walls covered in furn and mosses.

Yes the ruined chapel was great, worth a stop on it’s own, but after following a trail cut into the long grass out and around what used to be a moat, we discovered a walk across some fields. Once we had gone down the hill a little way we spotted an inviting looking bridge close to the bottom of the next field. We managed to find our way to a gate which lead onto a disused railway line.


The open access area of fields next to the chapel ready for us to explore.
The end of the line.

I have never walked down a train track before, for obvious reasons, and yes the little one and I discussed why this way safe but other train tracks would not be. We could see the white gate of a level crossing up ahead and what looked like a train sat the other side of it so of course we went to investigate. Low and behold we had made our way to theĀ County School railway station.

A fork in the road, well, track and the station in the distance.

It felt like a proper adventure. No idea where we would end up. Discovering all sorts of different places along the way. We went from a Norman chapel which became a castle, to a World War Two bunker in the station masters orchard, finding a disused railway line and a restored station and signal box in between. This was just the man-made discovery’s. We also found a stream, wasps nest and a Jay feather the first one I’ve ever found.

The beautiful Jay feather with it’s distinctive black and blue stripes.



Yummy blackberries. Unfortunately we had no Tupperware so we had to eat everything we picked, shame.

While we munched on blackberries we had the company of butterflies and bright blue damselflies. All this and we topped it off with a mint chocolate ice-cream on the journey back. Perfect.

I might not be going far on my runs as you can see from last weeks stats but I’m keeping it up and I’m loving the incentive to get out doors with the little one and get that step count going.

I hope you get to enjoy some unexpected adventures.


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