Who am I? That’s a little deep, so lets start with some stat’s and take it from there.

My name is Shelley

Age, 44

I’m Female

Height. I’ll get back to you on that one but around 5 foot 3, I guess. Got the tape measure out and I’m actually 5 foot 5.

Weight, Well… Right now, starting this process in May of 2017, deep breath, yes I’m stalling, Okay, I’m 14 and a smidgen stone. At my heaviest in the mid 2000s I think I was around 16 stone.

I’ve had children, so my body’s been through the ringer, but no major illnesses or bones broken.

What was I doing in terms of exercise before I imposed this challenge on myself? Well, I started running in the summer of 2015. My first trip out almost killed me, I planed to go down the road and around the park, a mile at the most, I told myself I’d run slowly as far as I could and then walk a bit, just see how I got on. I’d gone a couple of hundred yards and felt like falling over so I decided to walk once I got to the corner, the only problem was when I got there a woman walking her dog was heading towards me… well, I couldn’t stop in front of her now could I. On I plodded, determined not to stop while being watched. That run was a conspiracy, I felt like to whole town was out just waiting for me to fail, but I didn’t. I was the colour of boiled beetroot and the same temperature by the time I’d finished, but I’d done it. Once I’d realised that I could do it, at my pace and distance, I was off and quite literally running. I got the bug and now thoroughly enjoy it, but on average I was only running around one and a half times a week. I’m not starting this challenge cold as it were. My problem has been constancy, in May 2016 I ran 14 times and covered 74.7 miles but in October I only ran twice covering just 7.42 miles.

I also try to climb three or four times a month, usually at Fenrock in Outwell, Norfolk. I love bouldering, it’s enormous fun but hauling my over sized carcass up a wall is knackering, another reason I’m going to lose weight.

I’m NOT a Doctor, nutritional expert or sports therapist, but I’m learning what my body responds to, what makes me feel good and what challenges I can set myself and more importantly stick to.

I’m here to log my progress, share my thoughts, encourage others, confess failings and hopefully, with you watching, stick to the straight and narrow.

There’s a long road ahead and I’m looking forward to you accompanying me on my journey.

All the best.