Up at the crack of dawn yesterday morning to run before a day trip to London. 6.30 am, I know it’s not early for some, but for me it truly was OMG-o’clock.

Trying to learn the lessons from the trip to Newcastle a few weeks ago. The run before hand really worked then. I felt so much more relaxed on the journey up north knowing I’d exercised. The trip back I found myself, not so much worrying but considering when I could fit my run in and trying to plan the end of the day. This was ever changing as our ETA keep being put back. It was preoccupying and not a comfortable feeling.

So, not yesterday, up and out. Job done, a not terribly quick two miles, cooled down, coffee, showered, ready to enjoy the day and all before 7.45 am, a solid fifteen minutes before we were due to leave the house.┬áIt’s so unusual for me that I felt a little bewildered, but chuffed, yes definitely pleased with myself.

We set off for the train station getting there by the skin of our teeth. Running from the car park to ensure we caught it and that set the tone for the day. Now to see how good an idea it was to walk around London in actual shoes?!?

So here we are, the morning after the day before.

I’m a little surprised that after the no warm up, straight out running and then all day in heals with plenty of walking and running for trains, that I seem to have gotten away with it.

My heel is okay, I don’t want to appear too positive as I haven’t, as yet, been out on today’s run, but so far all feels well. I had some stiffness in my calves when I woke up and there was the now usual tightness in my left heel as I tried to go down stairs first thing, but given what I put my legs through yesterday I’m feeling cautiously optimistic.

Things to remember;

Warm up, running straight off on my injured left heel yesterday wasn’t the best idea. I was a bit limpy for the first quarter mile. Walking around the house for five minutes with a coffee would have been sensible.

Stretch, If I’d have stretched after getting home and maybe even walked around a bit barefoot I think my legs would have thanked me.

Best of all, running before going out all day works well for me, I felt energised and positive all day yesterday. I had a definite bounce in my step while running for all those trains and tubes.

A couple of days late but here are last weeks stats. Yes I’ve completed another week already. 15 down and the summer seems to be flying by.

This may well be madness, but it’s madness that I seem to be truly committed to.


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