OOohh YES. Day 100. That’s right I’ve only gone and run every day for one hundred days.

Look at all those beautifully coloured boxes. Part of me can’t quite believe I’ve done it, it seems like such an achievement. But part of me doesn’t feel any different, I still feel like me on just another ordinary day. I had considered having a big run to mark the hundredth but as my heel has been quite painful and is only just starting to ease off, I thought better of it. My beloved sported this decision by pointing out my two mile a day starting point and target, and reminding me that two miles would be a very appropriate one hundredth day run.

Off I went to Bawsey in Norfolk for a relaxing circular run around one of the lakes there. The heather is in bloom, the sun came out and all was right with the world.

This is me, a rare end of run selfy, glowing with sweat and pride.

So there we have it. My first one hundred days, done. 283.13 miles run, 1 stone 5 and 3/4 pounds lost and 1 very big cheesy grin gained.


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