We are almost at the end of the holidays. A bitter sweet time. It’s been hard work and fun. But time moves on and so must we. Here we are then with the stats for week seventeen and for the end of the month.

I ran a total of only 77 miles in August, I kept to my target of at least two miles a day but it feels like a letdown after the last couple of months. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s all an improvement, I should be resting my heal anyway and that running everyday during the summer holidays is an achievement in itself, no matter how far. I averaged 11,957 steps a day including my run. That’s a combined total for running and day-to-day walking of 176.93 miles covered in August.

I haven’t weighted myself. For lots of reasons. My weight is not my priority, feeling stronger and more toned is, I know they are so linked but not in my head. I’ve just finished my period and am still feeling bloated and generally gross. I’m also convinced that I will have put on a few pounds given the summer excesses, that’s the real reason.

My heal/achilles is still a little troublesome, I was quite stiff this morning after increasing to three miles on two of my last three runs. I’m okay though, tired and a little low if I’m honest but I’m okay.

I’m kind of looking forward to little one going back to school, getting some routine going and doing some pressure free miles, it’ll be nice not to be going around in circles while little one shouts “look at me mum, MUM, look… You’re not looking” The guilt can be a bit too much sometimes.

Lets think of the positives, Little one and I had some great days together, I still fundamentally love running, I’ve had ice-cream and beer a plenty and autumn is coming, a great time of year. Chin up, trainers on, keep smiling.


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