Yes, wet but worth it to have a quick once around this ruined church on my run today.

I’ve spotted this from the road which goes from Kings Lynn to Bawsey and was curious. Today I got the map out and set off down the most likely road. Turned out to be less of a road and more of a track as you can see. I’d seen a nice little route which looked as if it went up past the church around in a loop and back again. Maybe three miles I thought.

Unfortunately as you can see on my actual run shown above, I was thwarted by the ever present Private Road sign! So I had to do a straight there and back.

Ruined Norman church of St James at Bawsey

Still it was beautiful with the dark brooding sky and the crows taking off from the fields and I ran past, I love there loud cawing they make.

I’ve completed another week, fourteen down, who knows how many to go. Apart from the ongoing trouble with my left heel I’m feeling quite well.


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