Tuesday was tricky.
We’ve been away. Had a great time, but Tuesday was the travelling back day on which we drove from Newcastle down to Norfolk.

On the Sunday before, when we drove up to Newcastle, I got up at seven and ran my two miles before we got ready to leave. It was a good move. I felt relaxed on the trip knowing I’d exercised. I even ran again that evening with my beloved clocking up nearly two more miles.

I should have repeated that for the return trip on Tuesday but I didn’t. The drive back took most of the day. Once we had gotten back and I had put little one to bed and sorted out stuff ready for school the next day it was dark.

Now this is my self-imposed challenge so I figure I can make up some of the rules as I go along. Not to fiddle the results, that would defeat the object. I do think helpful allowances that mean I continue moving forward are acceptable though.

So on Tuesday evening, at half past ten, I set Endomondo running to record time, and I jogged on the spot in front of the TV for 48 minuets. It was easier than I thought it would be to keep going and I had my step count as a target.

Once I’d finished I checked Mi Fit and it calculated from my step count that I’d covered the grand total of 2.46 miles in 47 minutes. That felt about right. I hadn’t worked as hard as when I ran 2.47 miles in 32.5 minutes on Wednesday 12th of July, so I figured it was fair. I added the distance to my Endomondo app as you can see at the top of the page.

Do I feel guilty? Yes

Do I feel as though I’ve cheated? No

I did the work. I got off my arse and moved when I could have easily just given up for the day. That’s the whole point of this exercise. To move, to run. To do rather that simply think wistfully about the possibility of being fitter, healthier, of losing weight.

I added new rules to keep myself going instead of giving up and I’m proud that I kept going.


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