I’m trying to catch up with logging my progress. The summer holidays have hit and all semblance of normality has gone. Finding time to blog is hard.

I’ve realised that I’m self motivating when it comes to running now, so that’s good. Getting out and covering some sort of distance is a joy. I’m only logging my runs to tally up the miles, it’s a bit of an ego boost, it’s not to motivate me to run.

My step count is entirely reliant on wearing my Mi Band. Without that number hanging over my head I’d easily sit on the sofa after a run, so having the counter on my wrist has really helping me out.

As far as my diet is concerned, well, without logging on here, all control has gone completely out the window. Since the start of the summer holidays I’ve had ice-cream, pizza, lots of beer, chocolate brownies, victoria sponge with fresh cream and strawberries, bread and pasta in the evenings, more ice-cream, banana cake, raspberry meringue with double cream, chocolate biscuits, oh yes, and I may have had some more beers! Terrible I know, I have no defence.

Anyway back to the good news, here are my stats for week 12. During some of this week we were away for a family camping trip.

I didn’t get to do too much in the way of exploratory running, but it was great to be outside in a different landscape.

Sun shining on my beloved on what was otherwise a very rainy day.

I quite like to run new routes and just head off down a different path to find out where it goes. It was a good getaway and I didn’t even need to think about ensuring my step count was up while we were away, that was easy.

We walked from the campsite up to Bamford Edge on Tuesday and it took my step count to 20,522. That was only the fifth time I’ve exceeded twenty thousand steps in one day since I started wearing my Mi Band in the beginning of March. All that while out having family fun, great.

A little outdoor climbing on Bamford Edge.

So the summer holidays continue, as does my apparent diet struggle. I shall endeavour to keep a tighter rein on my blogging and my food consumption.


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