I have a couple of days without the little one, I know you can tell as I’ve actually found time to catch up on logging my running progress. Anyway, yesterday, with no one to entertain but myself, I took a very pleasant stole around The Walks in Kings Lynn, enjoyed some quality me time and my┬ástep count was helped no end.

Just one of the inviting views through the trees.

They were in the midst of cutting the grass so that sweet pea green sent hung in the air.

Something Old.
I want to call it The Red Keep, watching to much Game of Thrones, if such a thing is Possible. It’s actually called Red Mount Chapel.
Something New. A drumstick carved onto the end of each of theses five posts is a tribute to King’s Lynn born drummer, Rodger Taylor, from the awesome band Queen.
Guannock Gate, part of Kings Lynn’s defences during the civil war of the 1640s and now a statuesque part of the gardens for all to enjoy.

The ticking wheels of cyclists coasting passed and the cooing of the pigeons added to the laid back atmosphere in the park. All in all it’s a most enjoyable place to stretch your legs, relax and unwind.

I’d recommend a wander around if you’re ever it that part of the world.


P.S. Getting a little excited, almost reached 100 Days! I hope I make it. My heel has played up something terrible since this walk in my deck shoes and the short run I did afterwards, in trainers. Oddly it was painful while I was walking. Deck shoes are my footwear of choice during summer and I usually go through a pair each year without problems. Today I just wore my trainers which are far more cushioned and felt some relief.

I have to take better care of myself if I’m to keep going without doing some serious damage.

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