The holidays are rolling along and I’m still going. I’ve completed another month so here are the stats for week thirteen and July.

I ran a total of 92.2 miles in July, another monthly increase. I averaged 12,876 steps a day including my run, so that’s a combined total for running and day-to-day walking of 193.98 miles covered in July, again an increase on June.

One stone, three and a quarter pounds of weight lost.
As of the 5th of August I weigh 12 stone 11 pounds, that’s down from 14 stone 1/4 pound at the beginning of May.

So I only lost two and a half pounds in July but to be honest, given and the treats I’ve been enjoying that was a complete surprise (I was holding my breath and thinking thin when I stood on scales fully expecting a gain of a couple of pounds). It’s important that I am realistic with myself, I need to be aware of what I’m eating. Weight loss is simple, consume less, do more, so in the light of how much I’ve eaten recently weight loss in July, however small, becomes a victory. Little wins like this really do keep me going and are a great reinforcement of my plan.

So with an extra bounce in my step I’m still going. Well, that is once I’m out of bed and warmed up a little. My heal/achilles has been a little troublesome, I’ve been quite stiff in the morning and if I sit still for any length of time, but apart from that I feel physically okay. Tired but Okay. Fitting in running for the most part has becoming easier.

The small one is very supportive, and happy to get out on her bike.

I think she prefers playing at the park if there’s a field I can run around. Running in circles is not inspiring though, so I try to alternate that with running next to her while she is cycling. Well I say next to her but it’s a case of watching her cycle off ahead of me and her stopping usually at the bottom of a hill so I can catch up and give her a push. She’s not above asking for assistance when the going gets tough, no matter how hot and sweaty I am.

We are working together and she is fully on board with exercising for fitness. Summer outside is fun, we are managing to dodge the rain and it’s going well. So far so good.


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